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Fence In Need of Repair?

Accidentally backed your car into the fence? Did someone climb it and break a board? Maybe a storm came through and toppled a tree over a portion of your beautiful fence. Accidents happen. We can't help that. What you can do is make sure to take care of the repairs in the best way possible.

At William's Fence we've been repairing and building fences for over 50 years. If something happened to your fence, it's important to repair it correctly, while restoring it to it's former strength and durability. Rest assured that we have the skills and knowledge necessary to make that happen

No matter what's happened to your fence, even if its on it's last legs, it may still be salvageable. Give us a call at 863.688.1194 and we'll set up an estimator appointment to help get your fence looking new again.

Wes Lowry
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