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5 Questions To Ask Yourself If Your Fence Surrounds A Pool

www.cpsc.govIt’s spring time here in Florida and you know what that means… POOL TIME!

Pools are a great way to have fun with your family, friends, and neighbors. However, those who enjoy pools the most are those whom we want to protect the most. Children love the water, but it’s up to us to create a safe environment for them to enjoy the pool.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission has done a public service and put together guidelines for Safety Barriers around Residential Pools. While Williams Fence does not provide pool barriers, we do build fences that surround pool areas. If you're concerned about the safety your fence provides, here are some things to look for:

  1. Does your fence have a height of at least 48 inches? A young child can get over the fence if its height is too low.
  2. Does your fence gate have self-closing and self-latching devices/locks installed beyond the reach of children? These will eliminate the easiest way children can gain access to a pool from outside of the fence.
  3. For aluminum fences: Are the gaps between rails 4 inches or less? You may want to eliminate handholds and footholds and minimize the size of openings in a fence's construction.
  4. Are the horizontal members of the fence at least 45 inches apart? If the distance between the top side of the horizontal members is less than 45 inches, the horizontal members should be on the swimming pool side of the fence.
  5. For Chain Link Fences: Is the mesh size less than 1¼ inches? Again, this is to eliminate hand and footholds that children can use to climb the fence.

For an in-depth look at pool barrier guidelines click here.

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