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Help Your Dog Behave by Blocking Their Line of Sight

Chain-Link Chompers

Maybe you have a dog that likes to stick their head through the holes they find in a chain-link fence. Maybe they react inappropriately to things they see through the fence. Whatever the reason, here are a few ways you could block your dog's line of sight, preventing them from biting or reacting to something on the other side of the fence.

Reed rolls

You can try zip-tying reed rolls against the length of the fence. This will easily block your dog's line-of-sight through the fence.

Privacy Slats

privacy slatAnother clean, and aesthetically appealing way of reducing visability through a chain link fence is to have privacy slats installed. If this is something you're interested in, make sure to mention it when giving us a call to install your fence. 863-688-1194

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