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Why Are People Latching Padlocks Onto This Fence?

Look at that Fence!

With Valentine's day tomorrow, we wanted to take a "romantic" spin on our Famous Fences series.

The chain link fence lining the famous Paris bridge, Pont des Arts, is one of Paris’ many features that prove it is the “City of Love.” Constructed around 1804, Pont des Arts was Paris’ first metal bridge. However, what really made the bridge famous was a trend that started around 2008. Couples would write their names on a padlock, fasten it to the fence, and throw the key into the Seine river below the bridge. This romantic gesture caught on and before you knew it, the bridge was filled with padlocks.

More recently, the city of Paris has taken measures to stop padlocks from being fastened to the bridge. Reason being, in June 2014, a part of the bridge collapsed due to the heavy weight of the excess of padlocks affixed to the structure.

Source: abcnews.com

Regardless of its future, Pont des Arts is still quite a spectacle to behold:

Image By Disdero | Wikipedia

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