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Get Aluminum For A Long-Lasting Fence

Aluminum ornamental fences provide you with the "old world iron look" without breaking the bank. Reasons why aluminum could benefit you are:

  • Lower Cost

    Compared to other options for fence material, Aluminum is a cost effective alternative.

  • Powder Coat Finish

    This type of finish is long lasting. Don't expect your fence's color to fade out anytime in the near future

  • Fence Weight Range

    Aluminum can be heavy or light, depending on what type of use you have for your fence. Lighter/residential fences are primarily used for aesthetic appeal. Heavier/industrial fences are used less for aesthetics and more for security. Regardless of its weight, aluminum still passes along it's benefits in cost.

  • Styles

    Aluminum can be easily modified and constructed with aesthetic appeal. Pickets can finial or spear points, ball post caps, or even decorative rings in between. You can easily create your own unique design.

If you have questions about aluminum fences, we are happy to answer them. You can reach us at 863.688.1194

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