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Open Sesame: Electric Gates

With modern advances in technology we can easily open a gate without lifting a finger. We're starting to see there are a variety of ways to get the job done. Here is a brief explanation of what could be considered the three main types of electric gate systems.


Articulated Gates

Image by gateauto.com

Articulated gates are used in areas of overhead power lines and cantilevers that would otherwise obstruct a gate arm in its upright position. Articulated gates fold at one third the length as to decrease the vertical position, so the gate does not get hung up with aforementioned items. Lengths range from 10′-50′

Source: nationalelectricgate.com


Underground Gate Operator

Underground operators are also known as in-ground gate openers, or below-grade gate operators. These units are available as electro-mechanical and hydraulic. The electro mechanical configuration is the most common. What sets these operators apart from other gate openers is their near invisible appearance. Generally these units cannot operate gates wider than 10 ft., so almost all installations are bi-parting (two piece) gates.

Source: gatedepot.com


Sliding Gate

Electric sliding gates kits are designed to make an existing sliding gate open and close automatically.  A flat gear or rack attaches to the side of the gate and the pinion gear on the motor winds the gate open and closed.

Source: theelectricgateshop.com

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