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Christmas Lighting

Fastening Lights to Your Fence

Image by Wikihow.com

Now with Christmas season in full swing we thought it would be important to help you fasten lights to your fence. This article from Wikihow.com outlines the ways you should fasten lights to various parts of your home.


  • Combining the light strings with holiday garland (natural or artificial) will enable you to wrap a column (barber pole style) with ease. The additional bulk of a garland will help avoid slippage of the light strings and add a little pizazz, too!
  • If you need a little adhesion, space and hide small pieces of removable tacky clay behind the string garland. Removable tacky clay is available at reputable craft or hardware stores.
  • Using the "barber pole" technique with the garland, loop the light strings over and under the railing. Secure it as needed with removable tacky clay.

For more tips on decorating your home with Christmas lights, visit the WikiHow website here.

Source: Wikihow.com


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