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How To Clean Your Fence: Wood

wood fenceMaterials Needed:

  • Water Hose or Power Washer (for deep cleaning and removing old paint)
  • Wood Stain (desired color), NOT PAINT
  • Bleach or wood cleaning solution
  • Plastic Sheets (to protect grass under fence) OPTIONAL

Level of Difficulty:

Cleaning a wood fence can be moderately dificult depending on the type and amount of cleaning that will be taking place.

Suggested Time Frame for Cleaning a Wood Fence:

For maximum results we recommend that you clean/re-stain your wood fence once every 3-5 years.


If you have a cedar fence, you may notice that it will begin to turn a grayish color or the paint/stain will begin to lose its brightness, regardless of what kind of wood fence you have. You may notice a mold begin to develop on the fence. This section of the article will explain how to take care of these problems and get your wood fence looking new again!

If you decided to use plastic sheeting to protect your grass, you will want to lay that on the ground underneath the fence prior to starting any cleaning. (Using plastic sheeting will protect your grass from any harmful chemicals that may be in the cleaning solutions). 

A mixture of "1 part bleach and 2 parts water" is very common when cleaning wood fences. However, you may also purchase wood cleaning solution from your local hardware store. What you will want to do first is to apply the cleaning solution to the fence and allow it to soak in until you notice that the fence is becoming brighter and/or clean. You will then want to spray the fence off with a water hose (use a power washer for removing old paint or tough stains - make sure power washer is on the widest spray setting and held about 12 inches away from fence).

After the fence has been cleaned and sprayed off you will want to allow it to air dry. If it still needs cleaning in certain spots after it dries, repeat the above mentioned process. Once the fence is clean and dry you are ready to apply a stain. (If you do not wish to stain a certain color, you can use a wood sealant to ensure that the fence will look new for a long time). NOTE: DO NOT USE PAINT ON YOUR WOOD FENCE, INSTEAD USE A STAIN. 

Properly apply the strain and allow the stain to dry. Your wood fence should now look beautiful and brand new. If you apply this process at least every 3 - 5 years, your wood fence will look beautiful and brand new for a long time!

Source: AnchorFenchOnline.com

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