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Aluminum Fences: An Alternative to Wrought Iron

Aluminum fences have been gaining in popularity over the past 20 years, largely due in part to the increase of swimming pools installed by homeowners. Since most local communities require a fence around a swimming pool for safety reasons, aluminum fences appeals to many consumers because of their open picket style, a similar appearance to wrought iron, lack of necessary maintenance, and their quick installation. Here are some additional reasons aluminum fence is the fastest growing option in the fence industry:

  • Aluminum fences are powder coated or finished with a baked enamel coating. They will not warp or fall apart, as many wood and chain link fences do over time. Aluminum fences resist the weathering factors of extreme heat and cold and are virtually maintenance free.
  • Aluminum fences never rust or rot. 
  • Aluminum fences are not treated with chemicals that could hurt the environment or cause health concerns.
  • Aluminum fences are lightweight and easy to cut or miter. A hacksaw or miter saw can be used to make any installation adjustments.
  • Aluminum fences are usually shipped as an assembled panel. All the homeowner is required to do is set the post and then insert the entire aluminum fence panel into the post.

 Source: fencetown.com

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