No Field is Too Large. We can Built a Fence for it

We are always up for a challenge. Large projects like this baseball field are what we live for.


Famous Fences: The Aquarium Fence


Look at that fence!


In 2005, a Turkish homeowner took down his standard metal gate and erected a 164-foot long aquarium fence at the edge of his property, which borders the Aegean Sea. The glass tank is home to thousands of fish including eels and octopus.

While the purpose of a fence is usually to keep people off your lawn, this mesmerizing attraction draws over 1,000 visitors a day. And we can see why.


For more videos and pictures of the fence, you can visit the fence-owner's Facebook page.



Chain-link Fences: A Brief History

Simple, easy to produce, and highly functional, chain-link fencing is popular for both commercial and residential use. Chain-link fencing is a great choice due to its effectiveness as well as low maintenance qualities. Explore the history of chain-link fencing to learn more about this popular fencing material:

Chain link fence corner


Chain-link fencing has been around for a surprisingly long time—it was developed in the mid-1800s in the UK. Chain-link fencing was first mass-produced in the United States about 50 years later, when the designs to the wire-weaving machine that produced the fencing were purchased by an American company. During World War II in London, many of the steel fences surrounding London parks were removed for materials, giving chain-link an important prominence during this period of history. These fences also have ties to some older neighborhoods, as they are economical and easy to install.


Chain-link fencing provides high security and visibility, and because it is incredibly modular, it can be customized to suit nearly any commercial application. It remains popular as security fencing, as its design provides easy access control. The tops of chain-link fences can be customized with additional protective measures to deter intrusion. It continues to be the fencing material of choice for many people, especially business owners who wish to secure their properties and assets. Chain-link fences are also iconic baseball stadium fixtures used as backstops, batting cages, and general field fencing.

Chain-link fencing provides high visibility, and it is economic, secure, and low maintenance. Want to know about chain link fences? Give us a call at (863) 688-1194.

Source: Buzz Custom Fences


3 Benefits of Chain Link Fences

Vinyl, Wood, Aluminum. All types of fences have their unique advantages. Here are some benefits unique to chain link fences.

Chain Link Fence 


When weighing in your fence material options, it’s hard not to consider the low-cost advantage of a chain link fence. This type of fence is a great alternative to wood or vinyl without compromising quality. Affordability is crucial when determining fence material for a large area, making the economical advantage of chain link fences outshine your other options.


Low Maintenance

If you remember our guide to cleaning a chain link fence, you recall how easy it is to maintain it. Soap and water is all you need. Simply hose off your fence whenever you feel like it needs a wash. Chain link fences never need to be stained or painted over.



Chain link fencing is constructed out of galvanized steel. You can coat that steel to prevent corrosion or weakening due to weathering. If the longevity of your chain link fence is of upmost concern, you may want consider a Vinyl coated chain link fence. If damage does occur, it’s fairly simple to repair a portion of the fence without replacing the entire assembly.


If you have questions about chain link fences or would like one installed, don’t hesitate to contact us! You can reach us at (863) 688-1194.


Examples of Electric Gates

Here are some more examples of completed electric gates. You'll find a combination of articulated gates and sliding gates.