With all the options for fence materials how do you choose the right one for you? If you are looking for a quality fence for the lowest cost, our wood fences are the right choice for you. Our components are selected for best quality, appearance, and durability in our harsh Florida environment. Most of our wood fences are constructed from pressure treated pine products with preservatives impregnated into the wood to provide many years or service. 

We are able to construct all types of wood fences, including picket fencing, ranch rail fencing, and other decorative types. 

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The Man Behind Williams Fence 

James B. Williams, “Jim” and his wife Lavonne established Williams Fence Company in 1959.  Williams Fence had humble beginnings, with Jim making calls and installing fences and Lavonne answering the phone and keeping the books. The growth and success of Jim’s company is due to his commitment to quality work and service to his customers. Jim stayed true to his commitment to quality work all the way up to his sickness and death in July of 1997. Lavonne continued her service to the company until her retirement in 2002.

Today, the company is under the direction of James “Jim” W. Williams. “Jim Jr’s.” first job in the company was to put bolts into hinges and put them in bins in the warehouse, earning him a penny a bolt. As he got older and entered Junior High School, Jim worked in the gate shop, making $1 per gate assembled, and later found himself working in the field with installation crews in his High school years.

During his time in college, Jim came home in the summers to work by his father’s side. He graduated from the University of Florida’s College of Business with a degree in Finance, May 1988. The next week he started his full time job at Williams Fence Company.

Today we strive to continue Jim Senior’s commitment to quality and service that has maintained the company for over 50 years.


When Should You Replace Your Fence?

Do you remember when your fence was shiny and new? When all the boards were even and flush? Time passes, and unfortunately fences will deteriorate. That process accelerates when the fence was built poorly. Some things can be repaired, but sometimes it's best to just replace the fence entirely.

Here are some common signs that it's time to replace your fence

  • Wood Decay

    Nothing beats the look of a brand new, sturdy, wood fence. Inferior wood, however, will begin to decay a lot faster than a superior product such as Red Cedar. It's important to watch out for decay because it will weaken your fence. Play it safe and replace your fence when boards are no longer aligned, compromising your fence's structural integrity.

  • Damaged Wood

    If you've notice cracks in your fence, that's a tell tale sign of a weakened fence. If your fence is painted, make sure there are no musty odors coming from it. Needless to say, that odor is rot weakening your fence. Try to catch the signs of rot before it's too late.

  • Repair Quotes

    It may be time to replace your fence when the quote for a repair isn't too far off of the quote to replace the fence. Make sure if you decide to replace your fence to use the best quality wood available to you. This will counter any premature decay and damage to your fence.

  • Aesthetics

    If your fence looks outdated, or no longer matches the style of your home, then it's time to replace it. This time around make sure you select a style and material that are going to amplify the aesthetic allure of your property or home.

Get In Touch With Us

We are always up for a new challenge. If your fence is starting to show any of these signs, then don't hesitate to call us. We are more than happy to take a look at your fence and help you decide your next step.

You can reach us at: 863.683.6402


Making Quality Fences Since 1959

Jim Williams Fence Co. has been fencing Central Florida since 1959!  Here at Williams Fence, we strive to continue Jim Senior’s commitment to quality and service that has maintained the company for over 50 years. We have the experience and expertise to take on any of your fencing projects.  We use the finest materials combined with tried-and-true methods to make sure your job is done right.  Whether your next project requires PVC, Aluminum, Wood, or Chain Link fencing, give us a call and rest assured you will have a beautiful and functional fence every time!  Call us at (863) 688-1194!


Choosing A Wood Fence That Suits Your Style 

Wood fencing is not limited to privacy styles.  We are able to construct all types including picket fencing, ranch rail fencing, and other decorative types. Consult with your sales representative for more information at 863-688-1194