Cut Your Costs, Buy Aluminum Today

Choosing a fence to fit your budget can seem like a grueling task. However, our aluminum fences are the perfect solution. Aluminum picket fences give the allusion of “old world iron work,” with lower costs and longer years without service. The fences are powder coated for long lasting finishes. Black, white, dark brown, almond, and hunter green are the finishes available. Call us at (863) 688-1194 and ask about aluminum fences today!


Give Yourself the Gift of Privacy This Summer

Summer is a time to relax and spend time with the family. What better way to do that than in the backyard? Crank up the grill and toss a football with the kids without being disturbed by utilizing one of our privacy fences. Here at Williams Fence Company we offer wood, PVC and chain link privacy fences for you to choose from. Give us a call at (863) 688-1194 to find out more about how we can make your summer paradise a reality today!


He's Already Got Enough On His Hands

Dads are always there for us. This Father’s Day, let us give your loved one something he can be proud of. Here at Williams Fence Company we have the fence he’s always wanted to create that special retreat in the backyard. Call us today at (863) 688-1194 to find out how we can craft a place for dad to enjoy with the family.


Summer Is Here



It’s that time of year again. The kids are out of school and summer is here. Let us tackle all your fencing needs this summer. We offer a wide range of services and products to find the perfect fence for you. Here at Williams Fence we have a fence that fits every need, whether it’s residential, community, or industrial. Already have a fence? No problem. We also provide services to fix any damage your fence incurred over the years. Call us at (863) 688-1194 to find out how we can build or service your fence today!


When To Repair or Replace Your Fence

Wood fences are a cost effective alternative when compared to vinyl. It offers an pleasing aesthetic look juxtaposed against natural surroundings and most homes. Color is easily applied and changed on wood fences using a stain or paint. This allows you to customize the fence to match the look or style of your home.

Even with its many benefits, wood fencing has one drawback: using wood material in fence building requires more fence maintenance than other options. Wood can be treated to prolong its lifespan, however, over time the elements will take their toll on a wood fence. So, when your fence is beginning to look worn down, how do you know whether it's time to repair or replace it entirely?

Repair When You See Signs of Wear

To maximize the lifespan of your wood fence, have it inspected and maintained annually. The best times are during spring or fall when you're not experiencing weather extremes. Inspect the fence for signs of rotting, bowing, or splitting by walking up and down the fence line. Check your fence boards, posts, and rails, paying special attention to where the fence meets the ground. Replace broken or rotten boards and slats.

Is it Time To Replace?

Normally replacing your fence is a personal choice. However, if you live in a neighborhood with a HOA, you may be told to replace your fence if it hasn't been well maintained. It's more than likely in your best interest to replace a worn down fence if security is an important factor to you. Whatever the reason, William's Fence is here to help you.

No matter what's happened to your fence, even if its on it's last legs, it may still be salvageable. Give us a call at 863.688.1194 and we'll help you get your fence looking new again.