Choosing A Wood Fence That Suits Your Style 

Wood fencing is not limited to privacy styles.  We are able to construct all types including picket fencing, ranch rail fencing, and other decorative types. Consult with your sales representative for more information at 863-688-1194


Hurricane Mathew Cause Damage To Your Fence?

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Even though we were not directly affected by Hurricane Mathew, we still experienced strong winds capable of damaging or destroying fences. At Williams Fence we not only build fences, we repair them too. If your fence was affected by this recent hurricnane and are in need of fence repair please give us a call at 863-688-1194.


Spook-ify Your Fence This Halloween!

This weekend starts the month of October, and that means it's time to start thinking about Halloween. Decorating your house and yard to create a spooky environment for tricker treaters is fun for everyone, but this year incorporate your fence into your decorations!

1. Figures -- The fastest, easiest way to decorate is by simply hanging iconic Halloween figures from your fence rails. Bats, rats, ghosts, Frankensteins, scary clowns, or skeletons swaying in the chilly autumn breeze will create instant atmosphere for October 31. Make them pop by applying luminous craft paint -- if you dare -- and attach them to your fencing with sturdy finishing line, which is well-nigh invisible under the night sky.

2. Lights -- String your fence with rows of fairy lights emblazoned with jack-o-lanterns or black cats on an orange background -- tres Halloween. Or substitute eerie black light to show off your fluorescent decorations. Artfully placed candles and lanterns will exaggerate the spooky effect even more, but stick to fire-safe battery-operated or LED versions of these lights for your fence ornaments -- your goal is to make Halloween frightening in a good way.

3.Wreaths -- Normally seen as a homey symbol of hospitality, horrid Halloween wreaths strung up on your fencing say "Welcome to my nightmare" instead. Craft them out of wire, spiky twigs, or dead flowers and then adorn with any or all of the following grab bag of goodies: rubber spiders, ravens, witches' hats, oversized googly eyes, papier-mache bones, faux fangs, and shrunken heads -- the petrifying possibilities are almost endless.

4.Chains -- Add the finishing touch to your fence cover up with inexpensive but very effective plastic chains (purchasable by the yard), in shivery shades of black, metallic, or rust -- coordinating handcuffs or leg shackles are optional.

5.Signs -- Signs with meaningful messages are very trendy throughout the home right now, so why should your Halloween fence be left out? Create signposts that point the way to the cemetery or haunted house, and warn potential guests to beware and enter at their own risk. Our personal favorite sign sayings are "Keep calm and scary on," "Happy Halloween," or a straightforward "Boo!"

Have fun making things scary and fun this Halloween!




PVC fences are very versatile, offering a variety of styles and colors. Our PVC fence styles include, privacy, semi-privacy, picket, ranch rail, cross buck rail, porch rail, rail radius bends. If you are not able to find a style you like, we build custom fences as well. To learn more about our PVC fences, click here


The Benefits of Chain Link Fences 

Vinyl, Wood, Aluminum. All types of fences have their unique advantages. Here are some benefits unique to chain link fences.


When weighing in your fence material options, it’s hard not to consider the low-cost advantage of a chain link fence. This type of fence is a great alternative to wood or vinyl without compromising quality. Affordability is crucial when determining fence material for a large area, making the economical advantage of chain link fences outshine your other options.

Low Maintenance

If you remember our guide to cleaning a chain link fence, you recall how easy it is to maintain it. Soap and water is all you need. Simply hose off your fence whenever you feel like it needs a wash. Chain link fences never need to be stained or painted over. 


Chain link fencing is constructed out of galvanized steel. You can coat that steel to prevent corrosion or weakening due to weathering. If the longevity of your chain link fence is of upmost concern, you may want consider a Vinyl coated chain link fence. If damage does occur, it’s fairly simple to repair a portion of the fence without replacing the entire assembly.

If you have questions about chain link fences or would like one installed, don’t hesitate to contact us! You can reach us at (863) 688-1194.